Park construction


"Baku Garden Center" provides a full range of services for the design of parks and entertainment areas. As a full-service company, we can complete nearly every aspect of your project through right-sized solutions.

We are proud to be engaged in the renovation of existing areas and the construction of new ones. These properties provide green spaces to the community and can be used to preserve the environment and historical features of the area.

We provide services for the design of parks and entertainment areas for the creation of master plans, preparation of construction documentation and directly assistance in the construction of these areas. The process consists of several stages, from the assessment of the area with the owner, to the issuance of a “Certificate of Conformity” to the contractor. “Baku Garden Center” provides services in sports complexes, playgrounds, green areas, residential areas and city parks and squares. Our clients are municipalities and regions, private companies and architects, as well as government agencies. We employ experienced landscape architects, engineers and technicians. Our specialists have extensive experience in the construction, design and development of innovative designs for a huge number of parks and entertainment venues.

Design services for parks and entertainment areas include:

  • Assessment of the existing area and calculation of requirements
  • Documentation for the master plan
  • Development of landscape design of the project
  • Public demonstration of the project (Color images of the future model)
  • Leveling and drainage design
  • Landscaping of the territory
  • Design of irrigation systems
  • Lighting design
  • Improvement of the territory (decorative paving, building of walls and fences, adding water features, near-trunk circles, etc.)
  • Inspection of work performed and certification